Monday, January 7, 2013

News and To-Dos

The holidays are over and we are all back into a normal routine over here.  My sewing area ended up in disaster after the flurry of gift-making last month, so I spent the afternoon yesterday organizing my fabric stash and finding the surface of my desk.

I have decided to turn my focus this month from making things for others to purchase to making things for myself and my family and friends.  I have quite a few projects that I have been putting off, and now's the time to get them done.

Back to my trusty to-do board I went.  I love having this right next to my sewing desk, reminding me of my ideas.

This is my favorite to-do...

I know...that doesn't really sound like it's for me--but it is!  I love Sew Sweetness, and Sara comes up with some awesome ideas.  Plus I get to pull from my stash.  AND involves using this fabric, yay!

And that's all I can say about that until the pattern is released.

Now for the news bit:
I am also participating in Handmade for Newtown, an online auction by imagine gnats and casa crafty of handmade items and craft/sewing supplies to benefit the Newtown Parent Connection.  I'm donating my very favorite project that I have yet to part with: my linen and cotton nesting bowls!  I'll let you know when the auction is live.

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