Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kids Clothes Week

I took a little detour from finishing my quilt this week.  Who am I kidding--backing and binding are my absolute least favorite parts about making a quilt.  So, the towering stack of fabric on the floor next to my sewing desk and the Kids Clothes Week buzz inspired me to procrastinate a bit more.

First I made a raglan tee.

 Then another pair of No. 9 Trousers, with woodgrain-print pockets and orange contrast stitching.  My little guy loves to match stuff, so out came the orange shirt.

Then I saw the Prefontaine Shorts pattern test request from ThatMoxieGirl.  I couldn't resist!  I love testing patterns because I always learn something (or things) new.  My kids think I'm nuts because we are still wearing winter coats, but they will need shorts after our move south this summer.

This pair is not quite finished because I ran out of elastic.