Friday, July 6, 2012

Art Student Tote

When I saw the pattern review of the Art Student Tote on Sew Sweetness' Purse Palooza, I finally found the pattern I had been searching for.  I had been on the lookout for a pattern that would be suitable as a diaper bag for my cousin, and this looked to fit the bill without looking too "diaper bag-ish."  I love how it came out.  But it is HUGE. I will definitely hold anything a baby could ever need while out and about.  But big bags are so IN!

Now for my modifications:

-I shortened up the straps by about 8 inches total.
-I added a 6-inch top-zip panel, similar to the extension panel in the pattern view B but much smaller.
-I added a removable, adjustable cross-body strap, since it's really frustrating to have a bag keep falling off your shoulder while carrying a baby.
-I used fusible fleece rather than interfacing on the outer panels.
-I used Decor Bond on the inside pockets since they will be getting a ton of use.

Fabrics from Hello Pilgrim by Lizzy House

D-ring adjustable side strap detail

Top zip panel will tuck down inside when unzipped if needed.

Hanging by the cross-body strap

Awesome zipper detail on the outside pockets

I just love these prints!
Thanks to a reader's comment, I realized that I didn't include any photos of the inside.  It is a bit tough to photograph because it's so big, but here's a peek.  There are 8 pockets inside, large enough to hold a travel baby wipes container, diapers, bottles, etc.  They are interfaced with Decor Bond to make them extra sturdy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pinterest Kids Craft Wednesday: Camp Crafts

Last week we went camping, so I thought I'd bring along some supplies for ideas from my Pinterest Kids Summer Activities board in case of rain.  The weather was actually perfect, but we brought out the crafts anyway after a long day on the beach.

First we gave this one a try from Martha Stewart: "Camp Chic" necklaces.  Supplies are hard to come by in our small Alaskan towns, but we managed to pick up a lanyard laces set and some wooden beads at Wal-Mart.  They're not as rustic as Martha's, but they turned out fine.  The kids needed minimal help for this project, but the adults just couldn't resist the lanyard laces.  I made myself a keychain.  And seeing as we had a campsite full of Coast Guardsmen who know their knots, the dog ended up with an awesome new collar.

We also tried another idea: turning popsicle sticks into bracelets.  I bought the inch-wide sticks like those shown in the Pin and also some very narrow sticks that looked similar to the leather that Martha used in her bracelets from above.  After letting them soak for 36 hours, they still weren't very pliable.  We managed to shove them down inside some cups, but the ends wouldn't curve into the circular shape.  Many of them popped out of the cups as they were drying.  After fighting with the sticks for quite awhile, we just gave up and went back to making more lanyards.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zakka Potholders and Summer To-Dos

A day late and a giveaway entry short, I managed to complete one Zakka Style potholder.  I would have been done on time, despite spending much of the week camping, had my old iron not given out.  Amazingly enough, I managed to find a Rowenta in my local small-town hardware store.  I have 5 more of these potholders in progress.  I love the stripy design and the pockets on the back for gripping hot pots and pans.  I think they will be the beginning of my holiday gift stash.

I have to put the rest of my summer to-do list in print so I don't forget anything!  It is quite full!

- Make two of Anna Maria Horner's Art Student Totes into diaper bags.  In time for the Purse Palooza deadline.  Yikes.

-Finish my New York Beauty quilt from the quilt-along awhile back.

-Restock my Etsy shop.  It has gotten quite empty.

-Begin stashing finished products for the local holiday fair in November.

-Work on hexagons for a quilt for my daughter.  I got a great start while waiting for the kids at swim lessons today.  Six hexagons in 45 minutes.  With a total of 900 minutes of swim lesson time ahead of me (!!!) I could potentially get 120 finished. Hmmm.

-Figure out what to upcycle a whole stack of my hubby's old Coast Guard uniforms into.  Any ideas?