Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Indie Laptop Sleeve

I'm a big fan of Art Gallery Fabrics, especially since the Indie line by Pat Bravo was released. They have been running a different sewing challenge every month this year, but I am just getting in on the action this month.  The assignment was to make a laptop sleeve with a "drop-in" pocket using only Art Gallery fabrics.

Luckily, I ordered myself more Indie a couple of weeks ago.  I pulled out a pattern by Michelle Patterns that I used several months ago for a laptop sleeve.  I wasn't happy with the results at the time (which is unusual for a pattern by Michelle--her stuff is generally awesome).  The velcro on the flap didn't line up correctly, the case was a little too bulky, and the laptop didn't quite fit into the sleeve.  I reworked the pattern a bit, making it a little taller and adding a wide zippered pocket across the top to hold my iPad and the charging cord for my MacBook.  Rather than use Velcro to close the flap, I borrowed the method I am using in my coffee cup sleeves and made two elastic loop and button closures.  Now the flap can expand to accommodate the added bulk when I put my power cord in the pocket.

And now I can retire my old Vera Bradley laptop bag that is pretty far from my current style in favor of my awesome new Indie sleeve.  Hooray!


  1. This is wonderful!! I just can't get enough of Indie!

    1. Thank you! I can't, either. I have a quilt for my bed planned, and an infinity scarf, and maybe a top...


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