Friday, September 7, 2012

A Project to Organize My Projects

I have been out of my regular sewing routine for awhile.  When that happens, my mind fills to overflowing with all of the projects that I want to start back on, and I have a hard time deciding where to begin.  I have been adding all summer to a board on Pinterest with hopes of remembering the ideas that I have come across. Next week will be my first "regular" week since May, and I can't wait to dive in!  Today, I thought I'd work on a project that will hopefully help me organize and prioritize my to-do list.

Using all materials that I already had stashed away in closets and drawers in my house, I made up a cute framed note line to hang above my sewing nook in the time it took my son to eat his Madagascar-shaped mac 'n cheese.

Photo frame with glass removed, a print from Loulouthi, fleece, yarn, hot glue, and some old scrapbooking supplies

Hot glue a rectangle of fleece on the cardboard frame insert, then cover with fabric. Hot glue fabric to back of cardboard. 
Hot glue the ends of two pieces of yarn to the back of the board to make two hanging lines, and then insert the board into the frame. Voila!

One color for personal projects, another for custom orders

I can easily rearrange my to-dos when I need to re-prioritize my projects!

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