Monday, July 2, 2012

Zakka Potholders and Summer To-Dos

A day late and a giveaway entry short, I managed to complete one Zakka Style potholder.  I would have been done on time, despite spending much of the week camping, had my old iron not given out.  Amazingly enough, I managed to find a Rowenta in my local small-town hardware store.  I have 5 more of these potholders in progress.  I love the stripy design and the pockets on the back for gripping hot pots and pans.  I think they will be the beginning of my holiday gift stash.

I have to put the rest of my summer to-do list in print so I don't forget anything!  It is quite full!

- Make two of Anna Maria Horner's Art Student Totes into diaper bags.  In time for the Purse Palooza deadline.  Yikes.

-Finish my New York Beauty quilt from the quilt-along awhile back.

-Restock my Etsy shop.  It has gotten quite empty.

-Begin stashing finished products for the local holiday fair in November.

-Work on hexagons for a quilt for my daughter.  I got a great start while waiting for the kids at swim lessons today.  Six hexagons in 45 minutes.  With a total of 900 minutes of swim lesson time ahead of me (!!!) I could potentially get 120 finished. Hmmm.

-Figure out what to upcycle a whole stack of my hubby's old Coast Guard uniforms into.  Any ideas?

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  1. The pot holder is cute. I love making hexies, it is so theraputic. Good luck with your quilt.


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