Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pinterest Kids Craft Wednesday: Camp Crafts

Last week we went camping, so I thought I'd bring along some supplies for ideas from my Pinterest Kids Summer Activities board in case of rain.  The weather was actually perfect, but we brought out the crafts anyway after a long day on the beach.

First we gave this one a try from Martha Stewart: "Camp Chic" necklaces.  Supplies are hard to come by in our small Alaskan towns, but we managed to pick up a lanyard laces set and some wooden beads at Wal-Mart.  They're not as rustic as Martha's, but they turned out fine.  The kids needed minimal help for this project, but the adults just couldn't resist the lanyard laces.  I made myself a keychain.  And seeing as we had a campsite full of Coast Guardsmen who know their knots, the dog ended up with an awesome new collar.

We also tried another idea: turning popsicle sticks into bracelets.  I bought the inch-wide sticks like those shown in the Pin and also some very narrow sticks that looked similar to the leather that Martha used in her bracelets from above.  After letting them soak for 36 hours, they still weren't very pliable.  We managed to shove them down inside some cups, but the ends wouldn't curve into the circular shape.  Many of them popped out of the cups as they were drying.  After fighting with the sticks for quite awhile, we just gave up and went back to making more lanyards.

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