Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinterest Kids Craft Wednesday

With school out for the summer, I have been collecting craft ideas on Pinterest to make with my kids.  Here's my board.  I thought I'd try something new and post each Wednesday of the summer about the previous week's craft.

Last week, we made sun catchers from plastic made from gelatin.  It was definitely a weeklong project, and turned into a family affair when the using the drill tempted my husband to join in the fun...and make a Suncatcherschristy of his own!  I followed the original pin to the directions from dilly-dali art.  Then I followed the link there back to the original directions for making the plastic from Family Fun Magazine.  In the end, we used the directions from dilly-dali art and improvised as we went along.

Warning: this stuff smells terrible!

The kids were able to to the pouring.  We used plastic plates to ensure the gelatin wouldn't stick.

Swirl it to cover the plate

Using less gelatin per plate creates great drips and holes.

Stack the plates to dry at least overnight, longer for thicker layers.  When it is dry, you will hear it crackle and release from the plates.

It comes off in one big piece, and feels just like plastic.  I don't know that I'll ever eat gelatin again!  Eek!

Cut it up.

Everyone can help.

This can turn into a rainbow lesson, or color mixing.

We took the idea a step further and went to the beach for driftwood.  Dad drilled holes for us, and we strung them through with fishing line.

Each mobile resembles its maker's personality!  My daughter, ordered and even.

My son's, short, mixed-up, and a little crazy

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  1. This is such a great idea! I am following your Pinterest board now! My husband is in "Daddy Day Care" mode now with our kids (he's a teacher) and we were looking for some fun things he could do to keep them entertained. I love these sun catchers!


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