Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines for my Valentines

I am probably dooming myself for years down the road by giving my kids something handmade for Valentine's Day.  I'm sure they will remember next year that I made them something this year and expect it again.  Their little memories always amaze me.  But it's hard to resist my 3-year-old son's frequent exclamations of, "Mom, you are the best sewer EVER!"  So here I am, with two very cute little heart-shaped zip pouches to give to my very cute kids tomorrow.  I used the tutorial over at The Purl Bee.  This was my first foray into sewing a zipper on this tight of a curve, and it was not easy.  But I did it!  The key was to go very sloooowly.  I think my favorite is the circuit board side of the robot pouch.  There's some hidden meaning in there between the heart and the circuits, I think.

I foresee these pouches being used for treasures like rocks, Matchbox cars, and tiny horses.  It gives me the idea to try other shapes in pouches as well. Hmmm...

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