Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Military Uniforms in My Quilt?

Now that I have abandoned my overwhelmingly huge idea for the New York Beauty Blocks (and further downsized it into the goal of a twin-sized quilt for my daughter!), my mind has moved on to deciding on a more manageable quilt for my own bed.

I am really loving the new Indie collection by Pat Bravo, and have a fat quarter pack of the entire line in my cart right now at The Intrepid Thread.  I am planning a scrappy-yet-planned simple quilt and want to use a navy solid to add some modern edge.
Indie, image courtesy of Fresh Lemon Quilts

I considered ordering several yards of the Moda Bella Solid in Admiral Blue, and then I saw the towering pile of Coast Guard ODU uniforms on my office floor.  Every few years, the Coast Guard is nice enough to change the required daily uniform that my husband must wear, rendering his old uniforms obsolete and costing us an arm and a leg to replace with the new regulation version.  They just so happen to be navy blue.  They are also 50% cotton and 50% nylon.   They have been washed enough times that they're really soft.

 I am tempted to try repurposing them, but am unsure how they will work with quilting-weight cotton.  Anyone have any experience with this to share? It would make buying those new uniforms seem not quite as pricey!


  1. Have you ever felt Art Gallery fabrics before?? They have a really special feel, almost like voile but with the weight of quilting cotton.

    1. Is that a gentle way of saying, "No! Don't do it!"? I have got to figure out something (stylish) to do with these uniforms. Figured this wasn't the best plan, but thought it was worth asking about. I was surprised by the fiber content when I looked at the label--no wonder they have lasted so long!


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