Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Projects

I have spent my sewing time this week working on a couple of new projects for myself.  First up is the New York Beauty Quilt-a-long.  It's actually on week 6, but between not having the time to start it and not being able to make up my mind about which fabrics to use, I'm a little behind.  I'm doing these blocks with the intent of making a new quilt for my bed, since I still have the same quilt on it that I made 9 years ago (my first made-by-me quilt, actually).  The fabric choice was tough, partly because I had stashed some fabric awhile back that I intended to use for this project but didn't really love.  I have to have just the right fabric for something that is going to be on my bed, so, with my hubby's help (shhh, he's really great at choosing fabrics but doesn't want anyone to know) I decided on my favorite Washi fabric with a Kona coal background.

I did the first week's blocks to get into the groove, since they were the easiest.  I am playing around with color values to make the points stand out.

Light points on darker background

Dark points on lighter background
My intent is to turn these blocks into a meandering design and then fill in with larger pieces of the background fabric to give it a more modern look.

Then I jumped ahead to this week's block, which was more tricky.  I think if I made these again I might use the solid in some of the pieced sections to make them less busy.

I also realized that I might not want to make four of each of the ten block styles or I will end up with way more blocks than I need.  Or maybe they would make great pillow covers...

I also tried out a cute new reusable grocery bag pattern this week from Keyka Lou.  It comes in three sizes.  It might not be a great make-and-sell item because they take $5-10 worth of quality fabric apiece, but I am going to use some of my stash to make myself a set.  The design is very similar to a plastic grocery bag and folds up very small.  It's fully lined, reversible, and has reinforced seams.  Perfect for the farmer's market!
This is the small would also make a nice lunch bag.

Next week it's back to restocking my shop with new iPad and e-reader cases.
Oh, and how could I forget?! If you are ever in Homer, AK, stop by Homer's Jeans where some of my creations are now being sold!

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  1. your blocks look amazing!! i'm so impressed :)


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